It’s about saying goodbye on sixteen square meters, it’s about acting absolutely introvert and extrovert all at the same time. It’s about letting the heart burst and regaining control, refusing to exist only to perform. Perhaps it’s about being honest, but most of all: letting it all out in order to make space for what is to come. Read between the lines or don’t read at all.     Examination project,  Berghs Grad Show 2015     A spatial installation where I filled a room with instant thoughts and emotions. Handwritten with squeeze markers.     Photo:  Oskar Lind
 Design and research assignments made for  Rättviseförmedlingen .  Rättviseförmedlingen is an equality project aiming to correct the imbalances of representation in media, culture, business and other contexts.
  Deconstructing Man Ray    Assignment in asymmetric typography: create a concept for a fictional exhibition featuring Man Ray at Moderna Museet.  Since Man Ray was all about deconstruction and disassembling, we did to him what he did to his art.
  Strategic design assignment:  create a new visual strategy and identity for the Stockholm based culture hub   Subtopia   .   I based my work on the insight that culture is   politics – it's about change and willpower. Hence, my inspiration came from the tradition of street art stickers – a simple yet democratic tool for everyone to make their voice heard in the public space.
 Assignment in editorial design with  Pompe Hedengren, Stockholm Graphics   I created a dreamy, inspirational travel magazine with the given name  Eskapism , executed in a slightly edited Berliner format.
Electrolux: The Shift Switch
omslag mindre.jpg
 An initiative by me and some fellow students at  Berghs School of Communication , to raise awareness about sexism, racism and educate in norm critical analysis in the world of communication. By arranging seminars and lectures on the topic and inviting students from Stockholms ad-schools and agencies, our aim was to give the future AND present advertising business the necessary tools to detect patterns used within a stereotyping, racist or sexist discourse. Or simply put: end discriminating advertising.   Our initiative resulted in a mandatory course in norm critical thinking for all students at Berghs. 
 "De utan (nyhets)värde – om synlighet, exkludering och diskursiv diskriminering i svensk press"   "The ones without (news)value – about visibility, exclusion and discoursive discrimination in the Swedish press"   My  master thesis in human rights , 2011, University of Gothenburg.